Giving Wisely

Consider this: someone's generosity permeates every facet of our lives. Certainly our programs benefit from such acts of kindness.

Charitable gifts help us meet our current goals and reach farther in the future. By giving wisely, you can achieve that same outcome, too.

Your gift can take multiple forms and can help you address a variety of personal financial goals. Do you want to make a significant gift during your lifetime, or would a gift as part of your estate work better? Do you have a particular asset that you are thinking of donating? Do you want to increase your retirement income, or is your primary goal estate preservation? Are you carrying excess life insurance or a large balance in your retirement plan?

We are ready to work with you and your advisors to craft the gift plan that satisfies you. Here are some additional opportunities to learn:

  • Travel through the Legacy Planner to help you decide what will work best.
  • View your options to see the variety of assets and vehicles available to accomplish your goals.
  • Use the following guide to help you weigh your options.
  1. Give now, or give later?
  2. What assets to give?
  3. How can a gift pay me back?
  4. What are my choices in income gifts?
  5. My goal is to keep my estate intact, not increase my income ...